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Wrestle for Hunger  Thanksgiving 2009

Wrestle for Hunger


Jim Duggan, Vic The Bruiser & Evan Da Malice vs PT, Shomari & Erico  7/2/11

Part 1  Part 2


Hacksaw Jim Duggan Promo



Carlito  Colon vs "Hot Chocolate" Cory Williams  7/2/11

 Part 1  Part 2  Part 3


Carlito Promo

This is cool!



Rikishi & Evan Da Malice vs PT & Shomari


 NEW* "The Beast" wins the DWA Championship!! 3/12/11

 Dan Severn vs Sgt. Ledbetter


Demolition vs The Dream Team  3/12/11

Entrance   match clip


INTERNET TITLE DEFENSE: Marty Jannety(c) vs Sgt Ledbetter 1/29/11

 Part 1 Part 2


HONKY TONK MAN vs The Colonel 1/29/11

Part 1   Part 2


 Here Comes SHOMARI!  1/29/11

Enter the Congolese Giant   Ending of Match  


Purple Reign vs Marty Jannetty & "The Frontman" Evan Da Malice (2 out of 3 falls) 10/16/10

Part 1   Part 2


"The Boss" Interviews the Heavyweight Champion  7/31/10

Vic The Bruiser


 The Former Tag Team Champions Go At It! 7/17/10

Princeton "PT" Travis (w/ The S.I.) vs "The Marvel" Trice


The Break Up!:  The End of PTMZ  6/26/10

Al Monte Interview w/ "The Marvel" Trice & Princeton "PT" Travis


Ladies Match!  10/31/09

Bobcat vs Angel Marie


 Tag Team Title Match! :   AOD(c) vs PTMZ   7/18/09

Entrance  Part 1 Part 2


The Showcase in Action!  7/18/09
Entrance  Match


**NEW!*Tri State Title Defense!: Gator Henry(c) vs Jordan Lachey       7/11/09

Challenge  Entrance  Match  Post Match  Aftermath 

Over the Top Rope Battle Royal!  5/2/09

 Battle Royal