Dynamic Wrestling Alliance LLC

Wrestling the way it used to be, the way it ought to be, and the way fans want it to be.

Welcome to the DWA Fan Page!!!

This is a fan driven website dedicated to the happenings of the Dynamic Wrestling Alliance. Here you can discuss your favorite DWA moments, hear about upcoming events, learn the history of the promotion, and meet other fans of the Ohio based organization which is currently the fastest growing professional wrestling promotion in the country.

Founded in 2008 by former wrestling great and promoter extraordinaire Johnny Diamond the DWA has grown from small start up promotion using only local talents to become one of the wrestling hotbeds in the entire country in less than three years. While the DWA still features plenty of home grown talent (the stars of the future) we are now also thrilled by great wrestler in the primes of their careers as well as legends who we all grew up with. A fantastic melting pot that always has something for everyone.

Unlike so many other promotions (particularly on TV) that tend to fill up time with long boring promos, the DWA realizes what we the fans really want want... WRESTLING! So when you come to a DWA event you can be sure to see plenty of head bashin' and body slammin' action. This is the kind of wrestling you don't see on TV anymore. And while there are still plenty of colorful characters to be found, in the DWA it's wrestling first, character second. According to commentator Sean Bossman ("The Boss" of Pro wrestling) the company modo is: "Wrestling the way it used to be, the way it ought to be, and the way fans want it to be."

While we are solely dedicated to the DWA we are NOT the official website of the Dynamic Wrestling Alliance which can be found at www.TheDWA.com