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Posted by #1 DWA Fan on May 6, 2011 at 4:32 PM Comments comments (0)

 - source:  www.thedwa.com


In astonishing news, the official DWA website has announced that the promotion has been sold to a company in Las Vegas. This could be taken as either really good news or really bad news.



The good way of looking at this is that Bill Brown (owner of Las Vegas Championship Wrestling) is regarded as one of the top promoters of professional wrestling. He could easily take the DWA national and build the already wrestling hotbed into one of the top three promotions in the country. There is also the possibility for interpromotional events with LVCW and thus giving the DWA an even bigger roster of stars and continually fresh feuds like no other promotion can deliver.


The bad side is that he could also simply absorb the promotion within his own and just allow the DWA to disappear. While this would be the extreme and considered unlikely, it must also be considered a possibility. One must recall the purchase of WCW by Vince McMahon. Rather than run both promotions separately he simply took a few factors and talent and let the rest fall by the waste side. Hopefully Bill Brown has bigger things in mind.


According to the DWA official side this extreme is not expected to happen as they have promised that they will still be promoting their events under the DWA banner. Their next event will take place May, 28 in Middletown, OH.



Posted by #1 DWA Fan on April 30, 2011 at 5:32 PM Comments comments (0)

The DWA continues it prove why it is the best independent promotion out there. Just announced, the DWA has signed former WWE superstar Rikishi who will be making his DWA debut on May 28, 2011 at the DAV in Middletown, OH.

DWAFP will bring you more information on this card when it becomes available.



Posted by Smart Mark on April 28, 2011 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (2)

"Smart" Mark: Thank you for the interview.

Evan Da Malice: Sure and the DWA will be doing 2 to 4 shows a month.

SM: 2-4? Do you always do this many or is this new?

ED: Its a new thing for the DWA. New areas too from what I am told.

SM: Expansion. Great! Why have you not run this heavily in the past?

ED: Me and the other guys just go where they tell us, but they gave a heads up.

SM: Where will these new areas be?

ED: That will be released in a press release I believe.

SM: On the official website?

ED: Website, facebook, and myspace, but what I will tell you is it is big news.

SM: Big news is always good. Speaking of websites, have you visited


ED: Yeah. I did have one question for you. How do you get your info you find out stuff before me? (laughs)

SM: Before you? lol I get most of my info from facebook, independent wrestling sites, hotlines and anywhere I can hear about the DWA, But if I could have regular interviews with you and other DWA stars I could really boost the site.

ED: Did you come out to the last DWA show ?

SM: Yes I did. I was really impressed. DWA has really out shined the competition.

ED: What did you think of the show over all, and this was the Trenton show right?

SM: Yes with all of the legends. The show was spectacular from bell to bell. I had never been anywhere with such a vocal crowd. I would have liked to see a few more DWA stars but it was understandable that room was needed for all of the legends. How long have you been with the DWA?

ED: Over a year now.

SM: What have you done prior to coming to the DWA?

ED: I traveled all over since 1998. So I can give feed back to (the DWA) what was the best match of the night to you?

SM: There were so many great matches it's hard to pick just one. The best match mat wise was probably the first one with Virus. It really set the bar high for the others. Entertainment wise I would say the Demolition match (what was with that poor ref?), and excitement wise I would say Your match for the Tag Team title (why did your partner turn on you?). But the moment that really stood out was when Dan Severn won the title. Man that was awesome and totally unexpected.

ED: Yeah I was shocked too. I am glad you enjoy the DWA shows.

SM:Clearly you get over whenever you wrestle. Why do you think you have not been contacted by the major promotions? Or have you?

ED: Depends on what you consider major.

SM: WWE, TNA, WCW, ECW, you know the nationally televised promotions.

ED: (I was) at one time yeah. I won't say which I got injured and took a few years off.

SM: Care to elaborate on the injury?

ED: Tailbone and knee. (I) hurt them both in a match (then) wrestled on the injury for 9 months which = not good.

SM: How have the injuries effected you since your return?

ED: They have not other then the weight I gained which I am starting a new diet and going to lose a lot of it in the next couple months.

SM: You are obviously very popular with DWA fans. Why do you think that you have not received a title shot yet. Or have you?

ED: Well I have, but never pushed the issue with Vic being the champ.

SM: Now that Vic is no longer the champ are you planning to go after new champ Dan Severn?

ED: Well the belt is third on my mind right now I have two things I need to handle first.

SM: Let me guess... Erico?

ED: First the fans to let them know I will not rest until i pay Erico back for screwing them over.

SM: Screwing the fans as opposed to screwing you over? After all it cost you the tag team title.

ED: Well no. It was more that Erico had the fans getting behind him all the kids said they knew he was a good guy deep inside and at the end of the show yeah, he can screw me over that's fine not the first time and I am sure won't be the last time ... but he lied to the fans and made fools of all of them. Yeah, I will say I had the taste of gold in my mouth when I had the P.T. in the Vocal Track, then Erico kicked me and the only thing i had go through my mind is I let the fans down.

SM: You're making me mark out talking about caring about the fans. You just don't see that anymore. Speaking of the Vocal Track what is the main difference between that and the Samoan Drop which you also regularly use?

ED: Well the Vocal Track is a drop straight on the head and you can ask the men who have taking it what the difference is. (laughs)

SM: OUCH! Changing topics just for a minute what can you tell us about the current health of DWA founder Johnny Diamond? We at DWAFP has been following this story.

ED: Johnny Diamond is working hard to make a full recovery. Former WWWF wrestler and ring legend Bobby Harmon said he will wrestle one last match only if Johnny Diamond can manage him. When Bobby told him that (it brought) a new sparkle in the eye of the DWA founder.

SM: DWAFP keeps Johnny in our prayers. We hope to see him back very soon.

ED: I am sure you will he is very strong willed.

SM: That is great news. DWA has been making great use of legendary talent. Who else can we expect to see?

ED: That i don't know but what I will say is... stay tuned.

SM: One final question. What is the one thing you want Erico to know?

ED: Erico you made a big mistake . Not only did you turn on the fans and give up the DWA tag team titles, but you opened a whole new violent side of "The Frontman" Evan Da Malice and on May 28th in Middletown, OH, you will know just what the term "pain" really means.


Johnny Diamond Health Update: Wrestling Legend to Return?

Posted by #1 DWA Fan on April 14, 2011 at 12:02 PM Comments comments (0)


DWA Founder Johnny Diamond continues to struggle with health issues. While recently released from the hospital where he has spent the majority of his time since December of 2010, he still goes through treatment and dialysis which takes a tremendous tole on his body. Originally hospitalized for severe pneumonia the DWA founder now struggles with recovery, a long process but he continues to fight and still thinks of pro wrestling and at all times.

Friends of Johnny in addition to the DWA roster continue to provide assistance as needed as everyone wants him to make a full recovery so that he can return to the DWA as soon as possible and add even more to the Dynamic Wrestling Alliance which has seen incredible growth in popularity over the past year.

To add incentive to Diamond’s recovery, pro wrestling legend and long time friend "Beautiful" Bobby Harmon has stated that as soon as Johnny is well enough Harmon will come out of retirement to wrestle one more time with Diamond as his manager. Johnny diamond is one of only two men (the other being the Grand Wizard) to manage Harmon.


Source: The Boss/DWA Wrestling Hotline


Posted by #1 DWA Fan on April 10, 2011 at 9:07 PM Comments comments (7)

Rumors are circulating that DWA Internet Champion Sgt Ledbetter has done an about face and forward march right out of the promotion. DWAFP has been unable to verify the rumor at this time but, if true under what circumstances did he leave and what will happen to the Internet title? Stay tuned. DWAFP will keep you posted as more information becomes available.


Posted by #1 DWA Fan on March 13, 2011 at 3:14 PM Comments comments (2)

If there was a way to make a bigger splash in your debut, I have no idea what that could be. On March 12, 2011 UFC legend and Professional Wrestling great Dan "The Beast" Severn added yet another championship to his long list of accomplishments as he downed newly crowned champion Sgt. Ledbetter for the DWA Heavyweight Title at Dynamic Destiny 2011. Earlier in the card Severn defeated the Marvel Trice in an MMA style match winning via submission to the"Beast Choker" Dragon Sleeper. That was supposed to be his only appearance of the night but found himself with an irresistible opportunity and even a duty to return to the ring.

When then champion Vic The Bruiser failed to show up for his scheduled title defense DWA security TJ and Mark (who had previously put Vic out of action with a vicious assault during a match) came down to the ring carrying the title belt. Many suspected fowl play again came into play. Internet champion Sgt. Ledbetter - Vic's scheduled opponent - was awarded the title via forfeit. Sarge did not seem a bit fazed by the boos and jeers that echoed inthe building as fans voiced their disapproval and he began celebrating with both belts... but only for a moment.

Dan's music began to play again as the UFC legend again made his way to the ring and showed a contract that guaranteed him a shot at the title.Ledbetter wanted his lawyer (who was present to over see his being awarded the title) to take a look at the contract, but was surprised to find that Severn used the same lawyer to get the contract. Ledbetter had no choice but to defend the title. The crowd exploded with chats of "BEAST! BEAST! BEAST!" as Severn rose to the occasion to defeat the Sarge and become the new DWA Heavyweight champion. Congratulations to the new champ and to the fans of the Dynamic Wrestling Alliance who no doubt have their toughest and most capable champion to date.


Sunny To Be Inducted to HOF!

Posted by #1 DWA Fan on March 10, 2011 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (0)

On the March 7th addition of WWE Monday Night Raw it was announced that Tammy "Sunny" Sytch will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Tammy of course will be making her DWA debut this Saturday at Dynamic Destiny 2011 in Trenton OH.

This will also make Miss Sytch the youngest HOF inductee ever. What are her thoughts on this honor? What will she be wearing? You can meet Tammy and have all of these questions answered this Saturday.

And while you're there don't forget to get you picture taken with all of the legends who will be on hand to compete as the DWA presents Dynamic Destiny 2011 at the 73 Skate Club 100 SAL Blvd. Trenton OH, 45067. BE THERE!!!

Dynamic Destiny 2011

Posted by #1 DWA Fan on February 17, 2011 at 6:31 PM Comments comments (0)

March 12, 2011 is shaping up to be the biggest day in the history of the Dynamic Wrestling Alliance. Not only will we have the tournament finals to crown new DWA Tag Team champion, but we will have an all star card. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake will be making their DWA returns. Teaming up for the first time in the DWA will be Ax and Smash: DEMOLITION. We will also have the DWA debut of former UFC and NWA World champion Dan "The Beast" Severn. There will even be a special appearance of Tammy "Sunny" Sytch (hubba, hubba). And let us not forget the DWA Heavyweight champion, Vic the Bruiser. All this and much, much more!

For more information check out the official DWA site by clicking here.

DWA Founder In Poor Health

Posted by #1 DWA Fan on February 9, 2011 at 7:52 PM Comments comments (0)

Dynamic Wrestling Alliance founder Johnny Diamond has been in the hospital since December 31, 2011. Initially admitted due to severe pneumonia, Johnny –who had been ill for some time - was rushed to the ER when he passed out in his home while speaking to his wife Gen who dialed 911 immediately. While in the ER his heart stopped beating 4 times and a temporary pace maker was installed to restore rhythm. Shortly thereafter he was moved to the intensive care unit.

Despite the severity of his condition Johnny seemed to rebound quickly and before long was showing signs of his old self. As usual Professional Wrestling was on the forefront of his mind and even talked about eventually stepping back into the ring for one more match. Friends of the former wrestling great would visit him regularly and lend their support to the long time wrestling promoter. Before long he was moved from IC to a nursing home to continue his recovery. However things soon took a turn for the worse as Johnny had to be readmitted to the hospital after tests came back poorer than expected and he began to develop swelling as a result of the medications he was taking.

Even during his long stay in the hospital Diamond is always considering new ideas to be implemented in the DWA showing his dedication to the sport even as his own health remains a question. We at DWAFanPage.webs.com want to wish Johnny the fastest and fullest recovery possible and hope to see him at another DWA event in the near future.

UPDATE: As of 2/12/11 Johnny Diamond has lost 42 pounds of fluid as the swelling subsides. As bad as this dramatic of a weight loss sounds, this is actually good news as the swelling had reached dangerous levels. As the doctors determine if the DWA founder will respond as well to oral medications, they are once again talking about his expected release from the hospital and this is good news for all.



Posted by #1 DWA Fan on February 3, 2011 at 6:49 PM Comments comments (0)

DWA Tag Team title belts (2008-2010)

The title has been dormant  since January of 2010 but, one year later the DWA has announced a tournament to crown new DWA Tag Team Champions in the months ahead. This in my opionion is a great move by the DWA as fans feel that the division has been neglected (in all promotions) over the past 10 years. This desire for tag team wrestling can clearly be seen in TNA as they have been attempting to improve their division over the past several months much to the fans' delight.

Now the DWA is doing the same. Having started January, 29 at "Golden Opportunity II" the DWA will be holding the tournament over several months to determine who is the best team in the promotion and that team will be crowned the new DWA Tag Team Champions. First round matches held thus far:

1) Uncle Funkie & Mike "The Moose" Musso defeated The Punk Rock Rebellion in a bloody confrontaion.

2) "The Frontman" Evan DaMalice & "The International Superstar" Erico defeated "Shady" Chris Xion & Parker "Virus" James.

For reason that are still unclear, the team of "Purple Reign" (Princeton "PT" Travis & Spencer "The S.I.) Irving) were given a bye into the second round. More on this as the story develops.

Just in, at the conclusion of this tournament the winners will be presented with brand new DWA Tag Team title belts. Can't wait to see them.